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Brown Babies is the story of the immediate and generational descendants of Dr. Byron Browne, a Doctor and landowner in 1850’s Warrenton, North Carolina. Set upon the backdrop of the Browne plantation, Browne babies explores the intertwined complexities of slavery, status, religion, community, and colorism. Dr. Browne believed that there was more in common amongst us than differences. No matter where you come from, or who you think you are, Browne Babies will touch your soul. Because it is not just the story of Dr. Byron Browne, it is the story of every one of us.



Season one of Browne Babies will introduce us to our main characters. Dr. Browne (“Doc”) is a pious, good man, who is extremely conflicted with his role and a Doctor/Man of God and slaveholder. He treats his slaves very well, he delivers their babies, he tends to their wounds, and he listens to their stories. His wife Daisy is a Greek immigrant, who came to the States with her Grandparents. She is also conflicted as her world of mother, master, and wife all collide. Daisy is an artist, but she has been given little support in her craft and seems to only indulge when her world is closed in. Daisy’s grandmother chides her for being an artist and not taking life serious enough. Daisy also loves food, which we learn in the pilot, but will be explored as the season unfolds.


We also meet the children of Daisy and Doc in the pilot. Minerva is an angel, and a miraculous healer. When she is around, everyone is on their best behavior and cooperates. She elicits love and respect. She is special and Intune with the world, despite being the youngest and the least likely to talk. Ezekiel is his father’s protégé’. He is studying to one day be a Doctor. He is serious and straight laced, he is also very transparent. He is a conduit. Jacob, has his father’s spirit and soul, but not his desire for academics. Jacob wants to be a farmer and work the fields with Washington, a slave boy and his best friend. Washington is bright, attractive, and reads people well. He has a natural talent for making money, despite being a slave, and exploits his world.


Throughout season one, we learn about Warren County and the politics of slave masters, farmers, free black men, and indentured white men. We also learn how being able to offer something in return for value was color blind. We see Doc’s interactions, and how he treated his patients of all colors, as well as how he used his stature in the community to bring people together. In the pilot, we learn that Doc has suffered the loss of his twin brother some years ago. Daisy’s role in his brother’s death will be uncovered, and we will finally understand why Doc has such disdain for his wife.


The B story for season one will be Doc’s quest to leave Washington money and land in his will, or some other means. Doc goes through significant lengths to attempt subvert the law, including enlisting his longtime friend and attorney, Turner. Turner is a good ol boy who is down on his luck, but who also has the name recognition and contacts to make almost anything happen. Turner is promised a substantial amount of money and loyalty if he is able to ensure that Washington is cared for when Doc passes.

After a run-in with Doc in the pilot, a red headed stranger looks for work, and tries to make trouble for Doc. He forms an alliance of like-minded working white men and plots his revenge against Doc.

The first season also introduces to Browne ancestors Denise Wheeler, Cedric Brown, Alexander Smith, and Cheryl Higgins. Mysterious gifts, Genealogical tests, and family heirlooms compel these ancestors to look back into their history. Some have no idea, and some have heard tales and fables of where they came from. The characters are introduced in season one, and take independent steps to discover their heritage, which leads to self discovery, and equal tension.

Throughout season one, we discover the unlikely friendship and relationship between Daisy and Lucinda, the cook. Daisy takes a liking to her from the moment she comes to the plantation, and the two bond over their common story of lost parents, and love for food. Unbeknownst to Daisy, Jacob also takes a liking to Lucinda, and a secret love affair is born.

As the season progresses, we learn that Doc has limited time to live because of a heart condition. He has hidden this fact from his family, and carefully monitors his condition. After overexerting himself in a battle with a stranger, Doc takes more preventative measures and starts considering his legacy. After months of research and political visits, Turner and Doc hatch a plan to leave Washington money upon Doc’s death. Doc also consults with Turner regarding changes to his will which will give Washington freedom upon his death. Turner gives Doc a 24 hour window to come back and sign the changes to the will.

Ezekiel is informed by telegram that he has been accepted to Harvard University. He cannot wait for his father to come home to give him the good news. Meanwhile Lucinda and Minerva are both very ill. Is it something that they ate? Jacob, with a new little scruffy beard comes home with three rabbits that he killed and takes them into the back to clean. As night approaches, Doc gets home and helps Jacob clean the rabbits. Ezekiel proudly shows Doc the telegram, and they celebrate his achievement. Washington comes running into the house, to the dismay of Daisy and proclaims that men are chasing him. Jacob and Doc grab their guns and go outside to encounter the hooded men. After a brief shootout, the men leave. Doc comes in and collapses at the dinner table. Minerva comes down and places her hand on her father’s heart, and a tear rolls down her cheek.





Season one of Browne Babies will introduce us to our main characters. Dr. Browne
(“Doc”) is a pious, good man, who is extremely conflicted with his role and a Doctor/Man
of God and slaveholder.



Dr. Brown is the central character of season 1. He comes from a long line of Doctors andreligious men. He is kind to a fault and will do anything to help his fellow man.



In the pilot, we meet the Browne family, led by Dr. Browne (“Doc”), a wealthy
Doctor and slaveholder, his Greek immigrant wife, and his three children. His children
represent his greatest attributes as a man and deity.

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